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Practice Management and Deep Auditing, Ultra Clearinghouse Software

Topgallant Practice Management Software, available now, is custom tailored to meet the precise, unique needs of your substance abuse treatment program.  Although a stand alone product in its own right, our Practice Management Software is designed to work intimately with our Deep Auditing and Ultra Clearinghouse Software, which are in development.

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Revolutionize Ops and Efficiency;
Eliminate Payment Retractions

Our enhanced practice management software is designed for OTPs who will be providing next generation services, such as primary care.

Our software provides custom dashboards for each provider, indicating exactly what that provider is to do that day—which patients to see, for what reason, what charts are incomplete and for what reason, and much, much more. Our software continuously reports on individual provider performance and even hourly productivity.

We make possible continuous, real time management reports that permit exponentially more thorough oversight with a fraction of the staff.

Topgallant Practice Management Software is currently in use at Turning Point Clinic in Baltimore.

For Turning Point billing, before we used our billing software, it took at least 3 people for a whole week to bill Medicaid and Medicare weekly. By using our billing software system, it only takes several hours to complete the billing task weekly, and it’s a one-person job.