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Topgallant Software was created in 2021 as a spinoff of the CMDS, Inc. software development department. CMDS, Inc. and its affiliates include a medical practice management services and systems company, and various substance abuse and mental health treatment providers.

Topgallant was established as a separate company so that it might focus its new business development efforts more single mindedly toward “next generation” medical practice software. By this we mean the adaptation and augmentation of our existing software, and the creation of new software, aimed squarely at substantially revolutionizing how substance abuse providers, in particular, document and manage patient care.

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Photo Kevin Pfeffer

Kevin Pfeffer,
CEO and Founder of CMDS

Kevin Pfeffer is the CEO and founder of CMDS (Clinic Management and Development Services), which was established in 2008. CMDS offers management and consulting services for new and existing behavioral health programs in Maryland. CMDS also owns and operates residential drug treatment programs and outpatient behavioral health programs in the City of Baltimore. He also founded Topgallant Software, which offers medical practice management software for community healthcare providers, as well as sophisticated software for auditing medical provider charts.

Mr. Pfeffer is a native Marylander with a background in finance. After working as the Director of Structured Finance at Fannie Mae, he moved on to a successful career on Wall Street. He holds a BA in economics, with honors, and an MBA in finance and marketing, both from the University of Chicago.

Photo of Wei Wu

Wei Wu,
President of Topgallant Software

Wei Wu, PhD. is the president at Topgallant Software, LLC, and the vice president for operations at CMDS Management, LLC. leading the development of CMDS Community Health programs. In 2012, Dr. Wu earned an M.S. in software engineering from Stratford University in Arlington, Virginia. In 2007, he completed his PhD. in biochemistry at Dalian University of Technology in Dalian, China, where he earlier earned an M.S. in biotechnology, after which he was a researcher at the USDA for four years as a visiting scientist.